About Us:

We are working as textile buying house services import & export since 1995,  with +30 years experience, offering services to more than +45 countries by our approved manufacturers, we maintain excellent relations with major textile buyers & sellers.

We have professional sourcing, marketing, merchandising, logistic departments who provide comprehensive services to reduce cycle time of each step for all our buyers.  We believe in strong relationship with our buyers by giving them excellent services & quality to continue business.  

Our Strengths: Competitive Sourcing & Quality Assurance, Pre shipment inspection by QA department, Strong information network and Market analysis, Reduced Cycle time for samples , production and shipments, Reduction in overall sourcing costs by determining suitable suppliers and right buying time, Experienced and professional team from Textile Industry background. 

HowardTex is registered firm with Gov. of Pakistan NTN #2278270-2 as well as active member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) # 83059-

We ensure you best services, please feel free to contact any time by Call/WhatsApp/WeChat # 00923008401579 & Email: info@howardtex.com / yarn@yarn.pk